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I'm in tears right now, watching news coverage on the Mass Shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. I am appalled at the senseless violence by one man who was an ISIS loyalist and sought to destroy members of the LGBT community and achieve so called 'martyrdom' early Sunday morning. My heart goes out to both the Orlando and the LGBT communities. Indeed, my heart goes out to the nation and the world, for we are a nation in mourning, and a world in disgust and shock. May God bless the dead, help the wounded, and comfort those who are broken, grieving, or in shock as a result of the gunman's actions. I believe that this kind of thing is unacceptable, and, though I am a Catholic Christian, I do not judge others. It is God's duty to judge, not man's. I have Christian friends, Jewish friends, Muslim friends, and even a Hindu friend. I wish the world would stop fighting over their differences, and start learning from them. That said, I have taken a teaching from the Quran to heart. It says basically that a single murder is just as bad in the eyes of The Lord as if one killed every man, woman, and child on Earth. This man in Orlando killed 50! FIFTY innocent people dead!!! That's unacceptable. I said I do not judge on religion- indeed, I judge for nothing. I myself am bisexual, and I do not believe it sinful. But, even if it were a sin, it would not be nearly as bad as killing another person in cold blood. Again, my heart goes out to the victims, their families, and friends first, Orlando and the LGBT communities next, the nation third, and the world last but not least. I am mourning myself, but I cannot imagine what the victims, their loved ones, and those in the Orlando Area are going through. May God comfort us all, but may his soothing hands rest directly upon the shoulders of those who are victims or their loved ones, and directly upon the Orlando and surrounding communities. My prayers are with them. My heart is bleeding for them. My soul is wounded for them. My tears fall for them. My love, sympathy, and condolences are to them. May God bless them, and, indeed, the nation, and us all. And, lastly, I pray the Lord help all of us become stronger after this, and that he help move us to stand stronger, taller, and more united against those who would use a corrupted, evil book that claims to be the quran- a book of lies used by cruel leaders to have others advance their evil plots, may we stand as an impenetrable, unscalable, and impassable wall against those who would use this book as an excuse to spread fear, death, grief, and hatred. Indeed, may we use this sad, terrible event to move us to stand so tall against terrorism that those who spread it know how very true the following message is: that we will not back down, and that they cannot break us, but that they can only make us stronger and more united, and they will fall one day, but we will remain. May we spread love, because only love can conquer hate. And let us all pray for those who have been affected by the Orlando terror attack- whether you pray to Christ, God, Allah, or another god, pray for those who today grieve for their friends, family, and community. God bless, and God heal! Amen.
Anyone who's into ABDL, Ageplay, and-or Age Regression hasn't read 'A Chance to Feel Loved' by Transcodenightcat and-or 'Change of Pace' by Skurdy really should. 'A Chance to Feel Loved' is only four chapters, whoile 'Change of Pace' is a bit longer at forty-three chapters, but both are very-much worth taking time to enjoy. I recommend them to any out there who is into that kind of thing and hasn't read these two excellent pieces of ABDL Literature.
I'm not going to continue my older ABDL stories- sticking with the "It's a Big Little World" story. But, I do plan to eventually finish the Yaoi Story "Is This Love." Just give me time- my ADHD is killing me! Anyway, hope ya'll are liking it so far, and ya'll have a good day now; bless all ya'll.